About Golden Ticket CasinoMy name is Sanna and I am the author of Golden Ticket Casino My purpose is to provide useful information about gambling online. I have been gambling for many years and want to share my mistakes with others, to prevent others from doing the same. I have also learned a few tips while gambling, for example which games that gives you the most winnings. Also I know how to discover promotions that are good and promotions that are bad.

I’m always open for new advices so please contact me if you have useful information that I can put in my blog. Since I live in Sweden I write mainly about the casinos and games that are allowed and popular here. When it comes to online gambling, Sweden is liberalized and online gambling is fully legal. So if you come from another country you have to check out which rules that apply in your country. I therefor hope you will understand if I write about a game or a casino that you aren’t allowed to play in your country.

I really hope you’re enjoying reading my blog! I wan’t to point out that I’m totally independent, I don’t get paid by the casinos to write about them, I just want to share my own experiences. Especially if you are a beginner at playing online casino.
You are more than welcome to contact me if you have any ideas on topics or if you have point of views about my blog posts.

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