A new thing to keep me busy!

Hi again! I’ve been away now a bit, since I have had a lot of things to do. I have been playing quite a lot of casino games online, and I’ve found a new thing to look for. It’s not a big favourite quite yet, but I think it’s a nice complement to live casino and slots.

It’s of course Video Poker I’m talking about! The old, classic things that completely sparkleĀ of nostalgia! Almost every casino has some to choose from and it’s easy to learn. When you are a bit tired of the usual slots and all the card games, it’s quite nice to change to go over to the more simpler games. Although, I don’s say the video poker are easy games. it all depends on how much time and energy you want to put in. It can be as easy as playing a little bit for fun, and it can be as hard as advanced and complex strategies.

Mostly I donated use any specific strategy, I just focus on having a good time. Well, I do think about the hand ranking and hoping for the best, but I don’t go any further than that. Mostly I play Deuces Wild and Joker Wild, since I like to have it a bit easier. I sometimes play tens or better just because I kind of like it, but mostly the ones that has a wild card in them. It kind of reminds me a bit of slots, but it still gives me something else.

Unfortunately there is not many bonuses when it comes to video poker. Also there is not any free spins or any things like that. And if you have bonus money, your wager will not count to reduce the demanded wagering amount of the bonuses. However, I think it’s quite nice to sit by the computer and play some poker infused game all by my self, just to have something else than the spinning slots. I get to affect it a little bit, and most of it is just good old randomness. Oh, you can on some games get an RTP on over 100%, if you play with the correct strategy. I have not tried it yet, but I’m thinking of doing it soon.

Anyhow, I hope you all are well, and that I will check in on you soon again!