My latest find!

Hi guys! I have had a real blog break for a couple of months. I actually stopped playing for a while, since my new boyfriend didn’t quite like it i thought that yeah, i can just do it a little less then. And i kinda forgot about the blog also since we had such a great summer, but now I am back to give you great tips about casino and games. Hope you are ready for an amazing fall! And no me and boyfriend has not broke up if think that is the reason i am back. He has just gotten used to that this will be a part of my life and ours!

Today i thought i might give you guys a little gift. Yes that is right, i have found a casino guide that is one of my new favourites. When i use casino guides i often look for a couple of things. If they have any offers that are exclusive, if the name is well known (this is not that important but if they are a bit well known they often have great offers) and if the casinos they have on their site is safe and responsible.

I have told you before about my huge crush for slot machines, and now i have found the absolutely best site for me with free spins no deposit uk. It is a site where they tip about new slot machines and how to get free spins at different casino sites, how great isn’t that? It certainly suits me anyway.

i like it because their slogan is that “everyday is a free spin out there to find”, right now they don’t tip on free spins everyday, its more like 3-4 days a week. And i really hope that they will be better and do it everyday, otherwise they don’t deserve to have that kind of slogan! At least that is what i think. I don’t know about you?

On the site i also found out that some casinos that i haven’t been a member at has daily missions where you can win free spins if you complete them. So i have a few things to do now! Both get all the free spins that where available there and to do some missions. Another thing i liked was that they did news as soon as a new slot is released. Something that I really like since i want to try out the new slots as soon as they are released.

gambling problemWell that was my tip of the day! If you have another guide that you think will suit me please contact me or leave a comment and i will check it out. And the little reminder that you haven’t got since april is to play responsible. It is very important to ask for help if you need to and nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone can get an addiction, and if you think you have one, talk to someone in your family if that isn’t to hard for you. Then there is always contact groups where you can get the help you need!