How to play Baccarat

baccarat - a card gameBaccarat is very simple to learn, it’s fun & has surprisingly good odds. Here we may look at baccarat game rules. The goal with playing baccarat is to draw two and three card hand with the value closer to nine than banker’s hand.

Value of Cards

While you play the baccarat the cards have following value:

o The numbered cards have the actual value.
o Ten, Jack, Queen & King count as Zero.
o Ace counts as one.
o If the value of the cards you are given is more than 10, then you subtract ten. So 8 to 9 hand totals seven (after subtracting ten from seventeen)

Playing the baccarat

In baccarat several decks are used. Before the cards are dealt, Player wagers on whether Player’s hand or Banker’s hand will be closest to total of nine. The bet can also be placed on a tie. When the game starts, 2 hands are dealt – 1 for the Banker and 1 for the Player.

When the bets are placed, the bankers hand & the players hand are actually dealt according to the fixed rules, and giving the final hands of 2 or 3 cards. Value of the hand is been determined by adding the values of the cards for getting the total. Tens & face cards are also counted as 0, whereas other cards are also counted by number of the “pips” on card face. Only last digit of total is been used, thus all the baccarat hands have the values in range 0 – 9 inclusive.

If neither of the banker or player is dealt a total of 8 or nine when given the first two cards the game continues. If Player has an initial total of 0–5, he draws a third card. If the initial total is 6 or 7, Player stands. The same rule applies for the banker if the player didn’t draw a card. If Player drew a third card different rules apply whether Banker will be aloud to draw or not.

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That was all for this time! Play responsible my dear friends! You can contact me also if you feel like you need to talk to someone. I am here for you!