How to play blackjack online

How to play BlackjackBlackjack is one of the most popular online casino card games. To make sure you do not lose, you have to be aware of basic rules of a game. You have to know when you can hit, when to double or when to take the insurance. Every decision that you take may have the significant impact on final outcome of a game.

Your goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer and to get as close as to 21 as you can (not over 21, then you bust). In blackjack faced cards count as ten. Both you and dealer will start a game with 2 cards each. The dealer may have a single card faced down and the other card faced up and you will get both cards faced-up. After getting your cards, you choose to hit or stand. Before doing this, you can also double (you then double your wager and take only one card) or split (make two hands if two cards have same value). If you choose to stand you won’t take any more cards and if you chose to hit you can ask for more cards until you are satisfied with the number or you bust.

After your turn, it’s the dealer’s turn to play. The dealer may continue to hit until he or she beats you or busts. The dealer must either stand on 17 or continue to draw depending on the game. If you beat the dealer you win!

In the beginning of the round, if the dealer’s faced-up card is an ace, you may consider taking the insurance. That means you place half the value of the original bet to an insurance that the dealer has blackjack. If the dealer has blackjack you loose your regular bet, but win the insurance bet. If the dealer does not have the blackjack, then you will win a game by having the better hand, however lose an amount that you bet on the insurance. Also you can loose both the insurance bet and the original bet if the dealer’s hand is not blackjack, but simply better than yours.

What I’ve read and in my own experience it’s never good taking an insurance, so I usually don’t. At least I read it at when searching for some tips on how to play blackjack online.

How to Play Roulette

play rouletteOk, so my second favorite casino game is roulette. It’s an easy game but it also contains a little bit of strategy, skill, and a big portion of luck. There are roulette systems that are used to gain winning, but if they work or not can be discussed.

– In online Roulette you do not compete with other players just against the dealer.
– Players purchase chips that are used to place the bets. You have several betting options to choose from.
– A croupier spins a wheel and then spins a ball in an opposite direction.
– Your bet should be placed before spinner and dealer calls NO BETS!
– The ball falls down in on of 37 or 38 pockets.
– In case, you win the spin, you may cash the color chip for the cash chip of some value.

– Never touch or try to touch the chips after dealer yells no bets.
– When dealer calls no bets, you can’t change an amount of the bet.

The most common game is European Roulette which is played with 37 pockets. They are numbered 0-37 and this wheel is also used in French Roulette. In American Roulette there are 38 pockets, and here the wheel has a double zero which increases the advantage of the house.

The bets are called inside bets and outside bets, except for in French Roulette which has more betting options.

Bets in European Roulette:

Inside bets
Straight (or Single) – a single number bet.
Split – a bet on two adjoining numbers.
Street – a bet on three numbers on a single horizontal line.
Corner (or Square) – a bet on four numbers in a square layout
Six line (or Double Street) – a bet on two adjoining streets
Trio – a bet on the intersecting point between 0, 1 and 2, or 0, 2 and 3.
Basket (or the first four) – a bet on 0, 1, 2, and 3 (single-zero layout only).

Outside bets
1 to 18 (Manque) – a bet on the first low eighteen numbers
19 to 36 (Passe) – a bet on the latter high eighteen numbers
Red or black (Rouge ou Noir) -a bet on which color the roulette wheel will show.
Even or odd (Pair ou Impair) – a bet on an even or odd nonzero number.
Dozen bets – a bet on a group of 12 numbers.
Column bets – a bet on all 12 numbers on any of the three vertical lines
Snake Bet – A bet of the following numbers: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34. Not all casinos allows this bet.

I guess a very famous bet is to put all your money on red. There are several stories about this like people who have soled everything and gone to the casino to put it all on red. Like the Englishman Ashley Revell who put £100 000 on red and the ball hit red number seven.

My favorite bet is also red and I have picked up some great winnings from placing this bet. I prefer playing roulette in a live casino, but nowadays you can get that feeling online as well, when the action of a real roulette table is streamed to your computer. Read more about how to choose an online casino to play at.

Playing slots

Slot games are really fun to play, they are my favorite game! This is what i think, because they are so simple, it’s just pressing a button. Of course they are more fun to play if you learn the features and get to know the symbols, because then you know what your hoping for when spinning the wheels! There are a few games that has so many features that you don’t even can remember them all. That is something that i think is really exciting when i am playing. A lot of casino sites has added to their slot section that you can choose games with a lot of features in the menu. You then get a section with all games that have a lot of features and bonus games in them. You can also choose other things like fantasy or type of slot! Most casinos offer over 500 slot games os there is definitely something for everyone.

Have you heard of pay out percentage? It’s the money that are expected to return to the player. There is the set limit and slot game can’t give the payout percentage below a set limit. So, following the rule, slots games online give the payout percentage while ranging from around 75% – 98%. You must check percentage of the payout prior to you play the online slots. NetEnts newer slots usually have a pay out percentage of 96%-97% percent, which is quite ok. The slot Blood Suckers though, have a payout percentage of 98% percent, which is very good.

Slot games that give high rate of the return are named loose slots. Often this rate of the return range from around 94% – 98%. Casinos online at times alter the limit to attract more players. Few casinos do not mind giving rate of return like 99.9%! As I have mentioned before the games from NetEnt has and RTP that often is higher then 96% and that is something that i appreciate really much.

Slot games, which give the low rate of the return, are named as tight slots and payout that is offered by the slots is not very high as offered by loose slots. You might think that it is of no use for playing these slots however that is not at all true. Most of the tight slots give you huge jackpots. Thus, although payout return is very less, value of the jackpot covers for that.

Not like the traditional mechanical slots, slot games online give you more reel and pay lines. There are classical slots as well if you prefer them, but I think the more modern video slots with special features and bonus games are more fun to play. The latest one that i found was about the rockband Guns N’ Roses! It was so fun because you could choose from five of their top songs to play in the background, and when you won something you got to se a video from one of their concerts! I haven’t seen that before so it was a really nice feature. Otherwise I highly recommend the slot Koi Princess.