Which games to play

slot mega fortuneToday there are a good variety of games to choose from playing online. My favorite games are slots, especially jackpot slots with an enormous progressive jackpot that allows you to dream about being a multimillionaire when playing. I usually likes NetEnt’s slots like Mega Fortune that has paid the biggest jackpot online to one sole player: €17,8 million! If you want to try it out, I saw that you can try out Mega Fortune for free at the casinoguide casinosnack.com.

Unfortunately the theoretical return on slot games aren’t that great compared to others. Video poker is a bit higher, almost 100% and since they are quite similar to slots this can be an option. Scratchcard and keno are examples of other games that can be fun to play. As i already have told you my favourite type of slot machines are video slots from a game developer called NetEnt. They are Swedish and the games are so amazingly made! There are often a lot of 3D effects in these games and a lot of bonus games. So it can be really fun to play at these, but let’s talk about my other favourite game, table games!

Playing table games, my favorite is roulette. Don’t ask me why, I think it’s the simplicity of the game since I do like slots. In blackjack for example you have to think quite fast if your using strategy, especially when playing at a live casino. Did you know you can play live, but online? Some bookmakers provides live casino online, with live dealers at a streamed table. That’s a fun experience! I can tell you that it really feels like you are sitting at a real table at a casino, they only thing missing is of course the feeling of having people around. You can then choose a sit where they offer live casino where everyone has their webcam on. Perhaps that is something that isn’t for everyone, but if you are a very social person then this is something for you.

When getting tired of casino games you can always head over to the poker och betting section, if they are provided by the bookmaker. I sometimes play a little bit of poker, but only tournaments, because I think it’s relaxing and nice with the possibility to chat with other players. Speaking of a social game, have you tried out bingo? Bingo makes it possible to chat with other players and play chat games that are quite enjoyable. I have actually met a couple of friends at these chat rooms. We often try to play together in the same rooms and talk about how the day has been. So it isn’t so bad to play always!

As you have learned now, i always end my post with writing a little bit about addiction. Anyone can become an addict and gambling addiction is like every other addiction. So please remember to ask for help if you need it, and set a limit to your gambling before you start!