How I choose an online casino

Online casinoMy first advice in this blog is about how to look for a good online casino. There are today loads of casinos that wants to attract new customers using promotions or special features. But don’t get carried away and register at the first casino you get across. Take your time to read reviews and talk to other players in special forums so you can find out if the casino is serious or not. You can often relay on well known casinos which have operated for a long time, although new casinos often gives better bonuses and promotions if you’re willing to take a chance. They have to do so, because the competition about customers today is really difficult.

When searching for a casino, be sure they have a proper license. Malta and Gibraltar are common places that provides licenses. Also, make sure they are secure. You can often read about the security in an FAQ section at the casino. It’s also a good thing if the casino provides fast withdrawal, since you might not want to wait too long for your winnings. Check out the payment methods if you have a preference which one to use if your about to make a deposit.

Another thing you have to take notice of is if the casino is supported by your device. Nowadays it’s more common that you can play at any casino which ever device you use, but a couple of years ago there were special casinos for players using Mac. The digitalisation of everything is going so fast and forward so almost every phone with a touch screen. So it is nice that the development is going forward! Maybe we will be able to play casino in our watches in the future? Who knows!

Once these things are sorted you can see to your own preferences, like which games you prefer and if the casino supplies them. How many games do the casino have? Does it have good promotions? Are there other sections, besides casino, like poker and betting? Does it have a modern or old fashioned look? I usually look into the game section a lot since i want all my favourite slots to be offered at the sites I am playing at. My favourite right now are the slot machines from a company Net Entertainment, they usually have a really good RTP. Which is the return to player and you want that to be high! It is often over 96%!

These are the things I look for when choosing a casino. There are many good once out there, at the moment I’m a customer at about 15 casinos. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one casino, since there can be good promotions popping up at different casinos which you want to take advantage of. Just remember to ask for help if you feel like you are having or about to get a gambling addiction! You don’t want it to go to far and have lied to your family and all. No please always keep in mind to play responsible if you are going to play.